Look for your Lyric

The Loss of a Friend

Many of you might have already read about the sad death of a friend of the writers of this blog....

However, I (Randi) want to take a second to share a few thoughts regarding this wonderful man and life in general.  Amy and I have become closer than ever over the last year through her terrible relationship and divorce.  I was fortunate enough to meet Carla through Amy over the past Summer and discovered what a sweetheart she truly was.  I cannot speak personally regarding Tim as we never met.  Carla mentioned him each time we talked and how amazing he was.

Girl Rising DVD Review and Global Campaign

        Its really weird but until I met my husband I was a very dominant female and felt very strongly about woman being successful and taking care of themselves.  I've watched too many abusive relationships growing up as well girls who felt insignificant to the men around them.  I've even dealt with quite a few situations where parents were actually encouraging their daughters to drop out of high school once they had a boyfriend who they could marry.

Amy's Emotional Journey: The Synopsis-Part 1

        I seem to have just woke up from the reoccurring nightmare that has been chasing the sleep away for several months now.  When I'm awake reality sets in that this was no nightmare but true life, my life.  So now that I find myself starting my life over at 30 something with two small children and an ex-husband, I'm often at a loss at what or how to achieve all I want out of life.  

Money Making Mamas Book Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.
        There are always those work from home commercials and ads I swear I see everywhere I look.  Of course wouldn't we all love to be able to make money easily while doing the minimal amount of work or while being able to stay home with our family, perhaps working in pajamas or even from bed.  It's also a given everyone wants to be able to be successful in supporting their families.  Unfortunately, you will find most of these wonderful offers sound to good to be true because they are!