Look for your Lyric


  Everyone has to be turned down at least one time to be able to succeed in the world. My point being that life's a roller coaster, you have to believe you can power through the downs to be able to go up. Surprise people, show them how powerful your inner strength really is. You can do absolutely anything to change your life or the lives of the people around you if just believe in them and most of all yourself.
We all have different beliefs, when it comes to just about anything. It could be political, cultural, religions and etc. But we all come to together when we believe in one purpose or cause that we need to stand for. For example, I strongly believe that somnething should be done about bullying. Stand up and be heard! Your one voice could inspire millions. Not everyone will agree with you on things, because of their own beliefs. But just because you don't nessarily have support at the moment, doesn't mean to give up. Stand up for what you believe in even your standing alone. Most likely at least one person will hear you along the road and agree. Be careful of the ones that don't, they'll try to change your opinion, but then again you'll try to change theirs. Most importantly believe in yourself, you can do unimaginable things if you just believe you can.  I believe this generation has the power to change the world for the better!

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