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Don't be a Statistic

The U.S. now has the highest rates of teen pregnancy. Teen pregnancy rates have gone up a lot in the past year. More than two- thousand teen girls get pregnant every day, about seven- hundred and fifty thousand every year. So why make it famous? Why is teen pregnancy being glorifying?

Society throughout the years has changed their opinion on teen pregnancy. Just two years ago teen pregnancy was looked down upon, almost unheard of until now. Society as a whole seem to basically just ignore it. Some adults took a poll; the majority (45%) says that teen pregnancy shows will only increase issues but still many think it educates teens(35%). The last twenty percent are neutral or choose to ignore the topic.  (“Poll”).

The message that’s supposed to be sent to teens from Teen Mom is that it’s hard to have a baby as a teen, trying to discourage teen pregnancy. But lately critics have said the opposite, the message sent to viewers is that you may become famous for being a teen mother. Real life teen moms agree with critics, that it sends a different message then suppose to. Angela, who got pregnant at 17 and now 19, says “The reality shows don’t show what’s going on when the camera isn't rolling. Having a baby has its positives but there are a lot of negatives too.” (“Diary”) Many have suggested that MTV needs to air an extended P.S.A. expressing their message; critics think it would be a step towards ending the glorification of teen pregnancy that the show currently produces.

To parents, it’s better to be up front about this with your teens. Make sure to speak your mind, but also listen to theirs too. Statistics show that teens react better to having parents put it all on the table, rather than putting them on a tight leash (“Baby”). To teens if your parents aren't talking to you about sex don’t assume they don’t care. (“Stay Teen”)

What many teens don’t understand is that it can really ruin not only your life but your baby’s life when it’s all said and done. Girls of teen moms usually end up as teen moms themselves, and for boys many end up in jail or prison by 30. (“How”) As for a teen’s life only two percent earn a college degree by 30, and less than half of that graduate high school. Also, statistics have recently showed that many teen parents have social and or physical problems along the road. Don’t put yourself in that situation.

Many people or shows can lecture teens about teen pregnancy, but it all depends if they listen or choose to ignore it. Teen pregnancy is not supposed to be glorified, but at the moment it is by shows, and the internet. Critics are starting to do something. Teens can help by not falling into the trap. Don’t be a statistic.

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