Look for your Lyric

Make a Change

  You may think that you don't matter, that you're just being put here not to amount to anything. But your very wrong, you were put on Earth for a purpose that only you can fulfill it. You are absolutely fearless and amazing, embrace it! Be a leader, lead followers to do something unimaginable. We're capable of changing the world. We need to come together as a force, and do something about what we want to change in the world.

  Seventy-seven percent of kids and teens have admitted that they have been a victim of at least one type of bullying, whether it's physical, emotional or online. Adults can get involved in bullying as much as they want and it will only make little difference. It's us as kids, tweens, and teens that need to stand up and make a change!   I knowing bullying is a big issue, and it can be difficult to directly stand up and say something to a bully or someone else for that matter. But if you don't who will? What if that person you see being bullied is thinking this could be their last day? Its time to make a difference. Don't you agree? Let's all take a step forward, and show support, by wearing BLUE on October 1, 2012. You can also buy the sponsored shirts at any Bonton store or at ww.stompoutbullying.org.

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