Look for your Lyric


"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me". This is one of my favorite sayings, but some of you would disagree with it. Rumors only hurt if you let them. Don't listen to words that others say they mean nothing.

A lot of people think that all rumors are harmless, when that's not the case. Rumors can start off harmless, for example "Sally likes Bob." when Sally doesn't even know Bob. This what seems like a simple rumor, harmless but it can turn into something like, "Bob is cheating off of Debbie with Sally". This rumor probably broke up Bob and Debbie, made Sally embarrassed, and made everyone in the situation feel hurt in a way. Why did it hurt these three, it was because they believed what people said. So, if they wouldn't of let those
words get to them no one would be hurt. Debbie could have easily avoided the situation if she would have just talked to Bob and Sally to figure out the truth.

A rumor spreads fast and goes away just as quickly. So, if you're the one spreading it, know that it's not just a simple rumor, it could make a BIG difference in someone's life. If you're the one the rumor is about  just remember it's not a big deal unless YOU make it one. Be aware that rumors are everywhere, but there's no need in listening and getting involved in the drama.

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